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As the Vital Signs Web Site enters it's second year, we are still changing and updating its contents continually. To help visitors keep track of our new features and the latest news for our site, we keep this What's New roster up to date with a list of milestones. This page presents a reverse chronological accounting of additions, modifications, and general news related to the site. Whether you are a frequent or occasional visitor, this is the place to find out what's new at Vital Signs.

October 28, 1999
A copy of 1999 Vital Signs project grant proposal to Department of Energy is available for download. Please click here.

October 22, 1999
We've updated our case study library.
More case studies are on our ways. 

October 22, 1999
New Case Studies from University of Washington 
- Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia
- University of Washington Suzzallo Library
- University of Washington Law Library
- Bellevue Public Library
- Magnolia Public Library

October 22, 1999
New Case Study from University of Oregon - Emerald People's Utility District Headquarter

January 20, 1999
RFP for 1999-2000 VS Toolkit Loans
Borrow a well-stocked toolkit of building measurement instruments for use by you and your students.

January 20, 1999
We've reorganized our case study library.
Check it out!

January 20, 1999
Results of the 1998 Vital Signs Student Competition.
Including PDF files of the winning entries!

August 6, 1998
Our web address has changed
Please update your bookmarks. Our new URL is: vitalsigns/
where the was. You will be bounced from the old address to the new one during a transition period.

August 4, 1998
Try our new search engine
We have added a search feature that will allow you to search the entire Vital Signs site.

August 3, 1998
New Case Studies
Check out three new case studies submitted by UVA.

June 24, 1998
Changes in our FTP site. Access our online resources directly from this page in our web site. Almost everything you used to find on the FTP site is here.

May 28, 1998
Case Studies Arising from Equipment Toolkit Loans. Results are beginning to come back from schools that borrowed equipment toolkits during the 1997-98 school year.

March 23, 1998
1998 Vital Signs Faculty Training Session. An application for this event is now available. The training will take place July 7-12, 1998 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

January 23, 1998
A Request for Proposals for the Equipment Toolkit Loan Program for the '98-'99 academic year is now available.

October 15,1997
Information about the 1998 Vital Signs Case Study Competition is now available.

October 3, 1997
The Building Balance Point Resource Package is now available. This resource package was recently completed and represents another tool for studying buildings from the Vital Signs project.

September 17, 1997
A page containing our Request for Proposals for the 1998 Case Study / Teaching Support Grants is now available online.

September 16, 1997
The Vital Signs Project Brief was updated and formatted in the new style.

September 12, 1997
We have begun the process of redesigning the Vital Signs Web Site. Today, we posted updated versions of the home page as well as the information, resources, activities, and case studies menu pages. Also, we updated this what's new page.

May 21, 1997
During the spring term of 1996, students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute conducted daylighting studies of three well known libraries as part of a research/design studio under the leadership of Professor Don Watson. Buildings studied included the Mt. Airy Public Library by Edward Mazria, the addition to the University of Michigan Law Library by Gunnar Birkerts, and the Phillips Exeter Academy Library by Louis Kahn. This is an excellent example of how relatively brief student investigations of existing buildings can play an important role in a design studio.

May 6, 1997

We've added an in-depth study of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. The building was designed by the Canadian firm of Arthur Erickson Architects. This study was conducted by a team from the University of Washington. The investigation advisor was Marietta Millet. The significance of this study is the simultaneous presentation of qualitative and quantitative information about the thermal and luminous environment of this building.

April 22, 1997

You can view the third place entry in the 1996 Vital Signs Student Case Study Competition, Waverley Mansion: Passive Cooling Past and Present. This study was conducted by Tracey Johnston and Kyle Wagner, two undergraduate students at Mississippi State University. The faculty advisor was Jane Greenwood.

April 9, 1997

An announcement and application for the 1997 ACSA Vital Signs Training Session is now available. This event continues to evolve. Even if you've attended a previous Vital Signs training, we encourage you to apply again this year.

April 2, 1997

We've published the Jury Report from the 1996 Vital Signs Student Case Study Competition. This briefly describes the review process and summarizes the jury's comments on the winning entries. It also includes general comments about competition entries and the case study approach.

March 27, 1997

We added a discussion page to the Vital Signs Web Site. Through this feature we hope to encourage an active and lively discussion about the Vital Signs approach and the many projects currently underway at schools across North America. Find out what other people have to say about Vital Signs and please leave comments of your own.

March 20, 1997

The 2nd place entry in the 1996 Student Case Study Competition is now available on the web. See the case study, Phoenix Central Library: Thermal Performance of a Desert Monument.

March 13, 1997

The winning entry in the 1996 Vital Signs Student Case Study Competition was published on the web. See the case study, A Tale of Two Houses: Environmental Quality, Sustainability, and Indoor Comfort Inside Hassan Fathy's Mit Rehan And A Contemporary Villa in Cairo, Egypt.

24 February, 1997

Vital Signs issued a Request for Proposals to borrow our new Equipment Toolkits. See the Toolkit RFP page for details.

6 February, 1997

Announcment of 1996 Case Study Competition winning entries.

25 November, 1996

Now included at this site is a description of how to modify a Radio Shack motion detector to turn it into an occupancy logger.

20 November, 1996

Questions received from entrants in the 1996 Vital Signs Case Study Competion, along with the responses of the Vital Signs staff, are now available.

8 November, 1996
The PDF files for the Resource Package Observing Airflow in Buildings are now available.

23 September, 1996
The Vital Signs Project Brief section was updated and reformatted. It now contains up-to-date project information and matches the format used at the rest of this site.

20 September, 1996

The Case Studies section now contains pages on Performing a Case Study and Publishing a Case Study. These pages are designed to help student see their field studies through from beginning to end.

20 September, 1996

We added the Style Guide for Case-Study Web Pages. This set of pages provides guidelines for composing and formatting case-study web pages.

20 September, 1996

We modified the structure of the web site. We broke up the Information and Resources section into separate Information and Resources sections. And, we renamed the Buildings section Case Studies and moved all case study related information there.

11 September, 1996

We added a page dedicated to resources on the web relevant to the Vital Signs Project. It is called Links to Related Web Sites.

10 September, 1996

We added a separate page for links to Case Studies at Schools in North America. We expect that this list will soon grow, so we are getting ready by making some room.

30 August, 1996

The FTP server for the Vital Signs Web Site is up and running. Visitors can again download PDF versions of our resource packages or competition materials as needed.

19 August, 1996

We added links to Case Studies from schools around the United States and Canada to the Buildings section of this site. These links point to the work university students have performed using Vital Signs curriculum materials.

19 August, 1996

The Lending Library of Equipment Toolkits page now provides a preview of the tools the Vital Signs Project will lend to Universities in order to help them implement the field study protocols in our curriculum materials.

19 August, 1996

In April 1995, the Vital Signs Project gathered together university faculty from around the country who were using Vital Signs Materials in their spring semester classes. We met to discuss their progress and share ideas for implementing the materials. Learn more about the meeting on the Case Study Developers Meeting - Spring 1996 page.

19 August, 1996

Take a look at the milestones in the history of the Vital Signs project at our new A Chronological Listing of Vital Signs Activities page. Here you'll also find a list of the activities we plan for the near future.

13 August, 1996

The Lighting Study of Three San Francisco Bay Area Museums case study is now available for viewing. It's the third case study we've posted on the Vital Signs web site.

8 August, 1996

We added another Case Study to our web site. Now, you can view The Monterey Bay Aquarium Visual Comfort Study and learn about a carefully designed and executed aquarium lighting design.

25 July, 1996

The computer systems administrator at the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley, has temporarily shut down the FTP server for these web pages because of hacking on the system. Consequently, visitors to the Vital Signs Web Site cannot currently download any PDF or other files. We expect the FTP server to be up again around August 1, 1996. To get electronic copies of any files, please try again after that time. If you want an email notification when the server is back up, send a note to Allan Daly at

18 July, 1996

Visitors can now view the Case Studies page, which provides summaries and descriptions of some exemplary case studies performed under the Vital Signs Project. Here, you can find The Siegel House Case Study, the first of many case studies to be posted on the Vital Signs Web Site.

16 July, 1996

We've addedmore PDF files to our Resource Packages page. Now, five of the nine resource packages are available in electronic format via the internet.

9 July, 1996
The 1996 Student Case Study Competition family of pages was updated with links and images.

5 July, 1996
We modified the Resource Packages page to include new images for each RP. We also added information about Portable Document Format and made some of the RPs available in PDF.

1 July, 1996
The Vital Signs Home Page was modified to include new links to other WWW sites. We also added brief descriptions of each web site.

12 June, 1996

We added the Workups and Case Study Dossiers page. This page describes the two artifacts that make up a Vital Signs Case Study and what you might expect to find in each.

28 May, 1996

We completed adding the 1996 Vital Signs Case Study Competition pages. This familiy of 6 pages describes the competition and explains how to get involved.

20 May, 1996

We added the Resource Packages page. It describes each of the resource packages we developed over the last year to help focus and guide student field investigations.

10 May, 1996

The Information, Activities, and Case Studies main menu pages were added.

10 May, 1996
The Vital Signs Home Page was modified to reflect a new directory structure. The Home Page now contains only 3 main menu items: information, activities, and buildings. Each of these sub-groups will soon have its own menu page. Also, navigation links were added in all headers and footers.

8 May, 1996

This "What's New" page was added. Some links on the home page were modified to link to this new page.

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