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School: University of Virginia
Faculty Advisor:
Professor Don Dougald

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Overview: This is one of three very well conceived and executed case studies performed under the aegis of professors Don Dougald and Michael Bednar at the University of Virginia.

This investigation examines the illuminance available from daylight within the studio floors of Campbell Hall, the principal academic building for the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. Students also investigated characteristics of the lighting system layout and controls in order to better understand how a future retrofit project may be formulated to reduce energy consumption. The results clearly supported the hypothesis statement - that the use of electric powered light could be substantially reduced with the installation of a lighting control system. In addition, automated occupancy sensing devices could effectively regulate the lighting system in the day and evening hours.

Background: Professors Dougald and Bednar received a $5000 Vital Signs teaching support grant during the spring term of 1998 that helped support this investigation.


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Created: 11/10/98

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